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The number of passengers passing through Keflavík Airport in the month of July this year was higher than in July 2019. 852,431 thousand passengers passed through the airport, and Keflavík Airport has therefore achieved a 101% recovery compared to July three years ago, or before the pandemic.

The airport's strategy, which was set out in 2021, has been to improve connections and increase flight routes to and from Keflavík Airport in cooperation with different airlines, and those plans have exceeded all expectations. In July, both domestic and foreign airlines flew to 77 destinations around the world and 78.2% of the total departing passengers were foreign.

"It's great to see how willing the airlines were to rapidly increase the availability of flights to and from Iceland. Now it is important to continue the good work that has been done in the development of Keflavík Airport to meet this growing demand," says Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, Director of Business and Development at Isavia.

Construction has been underway at Keflavík Airport, among other things due to the construction of a 1200 meter taxiway for aircraft and buildings on the new east wing, which is over 20,000 square meters in size. The new east wing will improve the experience of passengers and airlines from 2024. At the same time, both Icelandair and Play have announced the expansion of their fleet in the next seasons and therefore there is a great need for the continuation of construction at the airport.

"Although the airports operation has in general been successful during the summer months, we ask passengers to be patient. At the same time, Isavia would like to thank the airport staff, airlines and partners for their important contribution in getting everything back into operation at the airport," Guðmundur Daði says.