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491 thousand guests in February

491 thousand guests in February

The second month of the year gives an indication that it will be a busy year at the airport. A total of 491,454 guests made their way through the airport in February, which is a 20% increase from the same month last year.

A total of 20 airlines, both Icelandic and international, flew to 61 destinations. The most popular destinations were London, Manchester, Copenhagen, New York, and Amsterdam.

The busiest day of the month was February 18th, with 24,103 guests moving through the airport.

Icelanders' departures were about 37 thousand in February.

According to numbers from the Icelandic Tourist Board, the departures of foreign guests from the country via KEF were 156 thousand in February. Higher numbers have only been recorded once, in February 2018.

Nearly one third of departures were British guests, about 48 thousand. Other significant nationalities in terms of number of guests were from The US, China, The Netherlands, and Germany.

We look forward to welcoming more guests at KEF.