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6.2 Million Passengers Expected Via Keflavik International Airport this Year

6.2 Million Passengers Expected Via Keflavik International Airport this Year

Isavia’s updated passenger forecast for 2022 expects 6.2 million passengers to pass through Keflavík International Airport this year, or about half a million more than Isavia’s updated passenger forecast, published last May, predicted. This is a big increase from the passenger assumptions at the beginning of the year, when almost 4.6 million passengers were expected in 2022. Despite the faster-than-expected increase in the number of passengers, the airport staff managed to ensure that passenger services went smoothly.

“The summer exceeded our expectations. This winter, twenty airlines aim to visit us, which is the largest number that has ever flown here in the winter. It is clear that Iceland continues to be a popular destination for travellers,” says Grétar Már Garðarsson, Director of Airline Relations and Route Development at Isavia.

At the same time, the busy summer continued at Keflavík International Airport in August. According to preliminary figures, it can be estimated that over 841 thousand passengers passed through the airport in the month of August, which is more passengers than at the same time in 2019. That’s nearly 2.4 million passengers in June, July and August this summer, compared to almost 2.5 million in the same months of 2019. Flights were made to 76 destinations in August, and the most popular destinations were Copenhagen, Paris, Boston, New York and Frankfurt.

“Thanks to our excellent staff, we have been successful in dealing with this rapid increase in passengers at Keflavík International Airport since spring, and we have maintained our level of service. Passenger numbers in July exceeded the same month before the pandemic, just as preliminary figures suggest the same occurred in August. The average waiting time at the security screening at Keflavík International Airport has remained at or below the standard we set, and check-in has generally gone well despite extensive construction at the airport. Thus, the challenging situation that has been reported at airports in many other parts of the world was avoided. The dynamic and close-knit group of employees at Keflavík International Airport deserves praise for their excellent service to travellers,” says Anna Björk Bjarnadóttir, Chief Service and Operations Officer (CSOO) at Isavia.