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6.25 million passengers to fly through Keflavik Airport in 2016

6.25 million passengers to fly through Keflavik Airport in 2016

According to Isavia projections, the airport will see a 28.4% rise in the number of passengers next year, resulting in a total of 6.25 million passengers travelling through the airport in 2016. This year, a total of 4.9 million passengers are expected to travel through the airport, which is an increase of 25.8% from 2014.

More flights, more airlines, increased competition

Most airlines currently operating at the airport will increase their number of flights next year, or add new destinations. In addition, new airlines will begin operating at the airport in 2016. As a result a total of 25 airlines will depart for 80 destinations from Keflavik Airport in the summer of 2016.

Icelanders travel more

The projection estimates an increase of 10% for Icelandic tourists from 2015. If this projection is correct, Icelanders will account for 24.3% of the total number of passengers. The number of foreign tourists has increased almost 30% so far this year, while the projection for 2016 expects an increase of 22.2%. Foreign tourists will be 1,540,000 according to the projection, corresponding to approximately 75.7% of passengers travelling through Keflavik Airport next year. In 2012, they accounted for 64.4% of the passengers.

Increase in transferring passengers

The number of transferring passengers travelling through Keflavik Airport on their way between Europe and N-America is rapidly increasing estimated to be around 35% of all passengers in 2016. This number is estimated to be 30.7% in 2015.

Increased terminal capacity

Isavia’s staff is currently working to ensure the highest level of service possible at Keflavik Airport for the peak season next summer. This includes completing the ongoing terminal extensions, increasing efficiency to better utilize the current space, increasing automation throughout the terminal and securing the optimal number of staff in security checks and other services. Next summer, the terminal size will have increased about 16% from the beginning of this year, to 65,000 square meters. In addition, three new airplane parking positions will be opened. 

On the passenger projection

Isavia’s passenger projection is based on airline data on seats available and estimated utilization. This provides a relatively good projection based on current assumptions. The projection implies the total number of arriving, departing and transit passengers through the airport. It therefore accounts for both Icelandic and foreign passengers departing and arriving, in addition to those only stopping at the airport on their way to another destination.