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692 thousand guests in October

692 thousand guests in October

Autumn and winter in Iceland continue to attract travellers in ever greater numbers. 692,006 guests made their way through Keflavík Airport in October 2023.

The busiest day of the month was October 1st, with 27,011 guests moving through the airport.

Multiple airlines, both Icelandic and international, flew to 79 different destinations with Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Boston, and Paris being the most popular.

According to numbers from the Icelandic Tourist Board the departures of foreign guests from the country via Keflavík Airport were 205,000 in October, which makes this the busiest October on record.

Around a quarter of the departures in October were due to American nationals, while the departures of Icelanders were about 56 thousand. Other significant nationalities in terms of number of guests were from The United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and China.

We look forward to seeing you at Keflavík Airport!