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A new action plan for the environment

A new action plan for the environment

Since 2015, Isavia has achieved a staggering 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions per passenger. To continue this ambitious journey towards more sustainable airport operations, Isavia's Executive Board has launched an updated Environment and Climate Action Plan for Isavia and subsidiaries. The updated plan is mainly focused on goals for 2020 and 2021.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the goal is set to 50% reduction in 2025 (from 2015 levels) and 60% in 2030. Furthermore, the goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuel by 4% per passenger each year.

Transition to renewable energy

Part of this ambitious project is to renew the fleet of vehicles. According to the plan, more eco-friendly options; electric cars, hybrids or natural gas vehicles, should be purchased when available. In terms of larger vehicles; buses, heavy machinery and snow removal equipment, the solution with the lowest impact on the environment, while sufficiently fulfilling needs, should always be chosen. Furthermore, the option of modifying equipment to make use of cleaner energy sources should always be considered. When other options are not available, the use of biodiesel blends is encouraged. Emissions of vehicles and heavy machinery need to be reduced to zero in the coming years for Isavia to reach the NetZero commitment, an ACI Europe program encouraging European airports to reach the goal of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Isavia has installed charging stations for electric cars in many of the company’s locations, available for use by passengers, staff, and guests. The number of charging stations will be increased with demand, which will be evaluated annually. 

Carbon Offset for Isavia

According to the new action plan, the operations of Isavia and subsidiaries will be carbon neutral in 2021. All requirements of the international standard for effective environmental management, ISO 14001, should be fulfilled before 2021. By year-end 2021, Isavia plans to have reached the third level of ACI’s four-level Airport Carbon Accreditation program.

Isavia is taking action to increase the sorting of waste material. In year-end 2020, 40% of waste material should be sorted, 55% in 2025 and 70% in 2030. The amount of packaging for products sold in airports will be reduced and the purchasing of disposable food and beverage containers and utensils will be stopped. The use of plastic packaging is to be reduced to a bare minimum and action will be taken to reduce food waste.