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A new arrivals border hall

A new arrivals border hall

A new arrival border for passengers coming to Iceland from countries outside the Schengen area has been opened, in a temporary and reusable extension.

The new border will facilitate and improve the handling of passengers entering the area in accordance with new European regulations.

With the opening of the new border, passenger flow in the terminal will improve considerably, as efforts will be made to avoid long queues at border control and shorten waiting times with increased efficiency, e.g. with self-service machines.

The building that was built for the new border will be used until a new and permanent facility for the Schengen external border can be established in a new connecting building that is currently being designed. In accordance with the emphasis on reuse during the development of Keflavík Airport, the building is designed in such a way that it can be taken down and used for other purposes when its role in border control ends.

The building is on one floor and is located on the east side of the South Building.