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Almost 2.8 million passengers this summer

Almost 2.8 million passengers this summer

We had a fantastic summer at Keflavík Airport, with a total of 2,781,543 passengers passing through in the peak summer months of June, July, and August, which is 16.9% more than the previous year. The passenger forecast assumed 2,822,490 passengers for these three months, so the deviation from the forecast was 1.5%. The highest number of passengers in one day was on Sunday July 30, when 35,341 people passed through the airport. By comparison, the busiest day of 2022 was Thursday July 28 that year, when 30,248 passed through the airport.

In total, there were 17,906 passenger flight movements (landings and departures), but there were 14,923 in the same period last year, which means a 20% increase year on year. The most passenger flight movements were on Thursday August 3, or 215, but in 2022 the most movements were 183 on Thursday August 18.

When all aircraft movements take into account, there were a total of 20,666 during these three months, and majority of them were on July 13, or 247 in total.

According to figures from the Tourism Agency, there were 790,000 foreign passenger departures from Keflavík Airport during these three months, and a total of 171,000 Icelanders.

Anna Björk Bjarnadóttir, Chief Service & Operations Officer at Keflavik Airport

"It is extremely gratifying to see how many people have passed through Keflavík Airport this summer. We have received a large number of passengers and our very capable staff has had quite a lot to do," says Anna Björk Bjarnadóttir, Chief Service & Operations Officer at Keflavik Airport. "As an example of the volume of traffic, more than 35,000 passengers passed through the airport last July 30. It was the busiest day for us this summer. Now we are starting an exciting winter at Keflavík Airport and preparing for the summer of 2024, which will start almost as soon as the day begins to lengthen again after winter."