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ASÍ and Isavia join hands to improve information to foreign workers

ASÍ and Isavia join hands to improve information to foreign workers

Isavia and ASÍ (The Icelandic Confederation of Labour) have joined hands to increase visibility and availability of information for foreign workers in Iceland. The initiative will cover information about the Icelandic labour market in general, collective bargaining agreements as well as employee rights and obligations. ASÍ president Drífa Snædal, and Sveinbjörn Indriðason CEO of Isavia, signed an agreement about the collaboration at Keflavik Airport Thursday morning. 

According to the agreement, Isavia and ASÍ will work together in providing accessible information for foreign workers upon arrival to Iceland. This way the two parties want to contribute to a healthier labour market, where labour rights are respected and workers are paid according to collective bargaining agreements and Icelandic law, regardless of nationality.

The goal will be obtained using digital advertising screens in the airport terminal as well as printed booklets that will be available in the arrivals hall and other locations.

Isavia has an ambitious policy for Corporate Social Responsibility and is working towards the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This collaboration is part of the work towards two goals in particular; Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


“Iceland has a well-organized labour market and our unions act as shelter for workers,” says Drífa Snædal, ASÍ president. “This is not the case everywhere in the world. For that reason, we find it extremely important to provide good and accessible information about workers’ rights and show them where they can go for help and support. Keflavik Airport is the first stop for workers arriving in Iceland, and we are extremely happy to be able to start communicating these messages there, both in the form of booklets and on the airport’s advertising screens.” 

“Isavia is a large employer and Keflavik Airport is a large workplace. The wellbeing of our staff, the staff at Keflavik Airport, and the Icelandic labour market as a whole is important to us,” says Sveinbjörn Indriðason, Isavia CEO. “For that reason, we participate in this project. A project that aims at making the right information readily available for workers, as soon as they arrive at the main gateway to Iceland. This way, people will, from the very start, have access to the best information about their rights and obligations, something we will all benefit from.”