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Co-operation agreement between the Hungarian and the Icelandic air navigation services

Co-operation agreement between the Hungarian and the Icelandic air navigation services

A co-operation agreement was signed by HungaroControl  Magyar Légiforgalmi Szolgálat Zrt and Isavia, the Icelandic air navigation service provider on 10 March, 2015 during the World ATM Congress 2015 exhibition held in Madrid. This agreement will co-ordinate the future research and development (R&D) activities of the two organisations and the joint utilisation of their resources and expertise. This co-operation will provide an appropriate background, in accordance with the requirements of European integration (Single European Sky, SES), to their joint participation in the EU’s research and development programs. 
Ásgeir Pálsson, air navigation director of Isavia and HungaroControl CEO Kornél Szepessy 
In Madrid, during one of the largest annual showcases of the air navigation sector, a co-operation agreement was signed by the Hungarian and Icelandic air navigation service providers on the co-ordination of their research and development activities. This co-operation will facilitate R&D activity for both companies, especially the studyand testing of innovative solutions, the improvement of simulations concomitant with the introduction of new technology, and the development/preparatory work for training packages. The Co-operation Agreement is a testament that ANS providers operating in two completely different regions can also set up a performance boosting co-operation that supports the expectations of airlines. This agreement is in line with the steps taken by ICAO and the European Commission in the interests of improving the efficiency and optimisation of air navigation in Europe. 
“A powerful response to the changes associated with the rapid increase in air traffic and the challenges posed by European integration is international collaboration and the extension of innovative capacity. For this reason, HungaroControl endeavours to co-operate with its partners on several platforms and learn from them in order to successfully partner with the SESAR research and development program aimed at the creation of the future European air navigation system,” stated HungaroControl CEO Kornél Szepessy.
“Isavia also considers this collaboration a great opportunity, since by extending the other existing regional and bilateral agreements, it enhances both parties’ research and development activities and supports marketing activity related to air navigation technological and consultation services. 
This co-operation enables both companies to reinforce their capabilities and improve the efficiency of their resource allocation,” – explained Ásgeir Pálsson, air navigation director of Isavia.