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Construction work at Keflavik Airport for almost ISK 12BN - Invitation to tender for 6 projects

Construction work at Keflavik Airport for almost ISK 12BN - Invitation to tender for 6 projects

Isavia plans to issue invitations to tender for six construction projects at Keflavík Airport this year. The construction costs are just under ISK 12bn and the work is expected to be completed this year or in 2022. The projects were presented at the Procurement Seminar held by the Federation of Icelandic Industries (Samtök Iðnaðarins) which was recently streamed on the Internet. Isavia was among the 11 companies and public bodies that presented projects for which they planned to issue an invitation to tender this year.

Jón Kolbeinn Guðjónsson, Isavia’s Manager of Engineering - Airport Development and Construction at Keflavík Airport, reviewed the projects and presented them when addressing the Procurement Seminar. The projects involved are a part of the development and expansion plan of Keflavík Airport and a part of its future vision for the airport. They are intended to increase efficiency at the airport and improve its competitive position.

Terminal extensions 

This year we plan to issue invitations to tender for projects relating to two extensions to the Leif Eiriksson Air Terminal. Construction is expected to be complete in 2022. One is a single-floor extension with a basement that will improve the baggage processing of arrivals in the terminal. Considerable changes will be made to the internal organisation of the arrivals area and a part of this is the instalment of new baggage handling systems.

The other is an extension on two floors without a basement attached to the south building of the terminal. This is intended to improve the facilities offered to passengers passing through the departures gates at the east end of the south building. Included in the project is a new passenger boarding bridge (PBB).

Runway systems 

An invitation for the construction of two runways at Keflavík Airport will be issued this year and these are to be completed this year. One is a new 1200 m runway for aircraft that links the terminal’s apron to the runway and the other is maintenance and renewal of lighting equipment on one of the airport’s large taxiways. The new taxiway will increase the safety and efficiency of the runway system.


The plan is to issue an invitation to tender for two new roads within the airport area and to finish their construction this year. One of these roads is a 1500 m long service road to the construction site and will, in the future, be of use for goods transport to and from the airport area and the terminal. The other is a 500 m circular connection which will link the current traffic system in the forecourt of the terminal to the current layout of Reykjanesbraut. This will considerably improve road safety and will decrease traffic blockages at the terminal.