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Flying around the volcanic eruption at Reykjanes

Flying around the volcanic eruption at Reykjanes

Isavia and the Icelandic Transport Authority would like to thank airspace users for the excellent cooperation regarding flight operations around the eruption at Reykjanes. Unfortunately reports have been received indicating that rules on minimum altitude and other recommendations are not always adhered to and therefore we iterate the following and remind users of the recommendations set out in AIP SUP Procedures due to possible eruption on Reykjanesregarding altitudes of different airspace users are hereby iterated:

  • airplanes and ultralights should not land and avoid flying below 800 AGL
  • helicopters should avoid flying above 700 feet AGL
  • drones may not be flown higher than 120 m above the ground (AGL)

It is clear that the terrain in the area does not simplify the assessment of altitude above ground, so it is particularly important to keep a close eye on other traffic in order to respect the rule of the air "to see and avoid”.

In addition, it is important that pilots frequently inform others of their position, altitude and heading as well as intentions on BIR2 frequency 131.800MHz.