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Ground broken on an addition to terminal at Akureyri Airport

Ground broken on an addition to terminal at Akureyri Airport

Ground was formally broken in June on a 1,100 m2 addition to the terminal at Akureyri Airport. This marks the start of work on the new building, with contractors now turning to the task of preparing the building site. The project is due for completion at the end of 2022. Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister for Transport and Local Government, broke ground on the new building.

The design of the building was put to tender last summer, and Mannvit and Arkís won the contract. They have been working on design and implementation since then. Construction work on the building is expected to start in the autumn, once the site has been prepared and the tender procedure completed. The tender will be published online on 28 June.

The new building will have a duty-free shop, a restaurant and customs and police facilities. When the project is complete, work will begin on improving the older section of the building. The terminal will by then cover a total of 2,700 m2.

“Today is a significant milestone,” says Jóhannsson. “Not only are we starting work on a new terminal building capable of handling international flights, but we have also secured funding for a new apron at Akureyri Airport. This lays the foundations for a strong tourism sector in North and East Iceland, and the terminal and apron projects will create many new jobs. This investment has come at the right time, as it is very important for the residents of North and East Iceland to be well prepared to welcome tourists again once we are on the other side of COVID-19."

“It is wonderful to see long-awaited changes to the terminal finally materialising. Today marks the start of nearly two years of construction – and the time will fly by,” says Sigrún Björk Jakobsdóttir, Director of Isavia Regional Airports. “The building work will obviously be taking place in the context of a fully operational airport – at its high point before the pandemic, there were 10–12 flights per day from Akureyri. The wonderful airport staff, led by Airport Manager Hjördís Þórhallsdóttir, will ensure passengers enjoy a pleasant journey.”