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Iceland offers Corona virus Testing to Arriving Passengers

Iceland offers Corona virus Testing to Arriving Passengers

From June 15th, passengers arriving at Keflavik Airport can opt for a COVID-19 test upon arrival, as an alternative to the two weeks mandatory quarantine. With this health care action, the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the Icelandic Government are taking steps to ease the effect of the ongoing travel restrictions.

    Measures at Keflavik Airport

    We at Keflavik Airport welcome all passengers. In the terminal building we have increased the frequency of cleaning, especially in high traffic areas. Passengers are encouraged to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available to passengers in the terminal building. Passengers are encouraged to keep a safe distance to other passengers and airport staff. The Duty Free Store will remain open when flights are scheduled and food and beverages outlets will be open to passengers. Some of the retail outlets will remain closed, but they will gradually open as traffic increases.

    We encourage passengers to be well prepared for their travels and arrive early at the airport.

      Increased interest from airlines

      Now, as passengers have the option of being tested for the novel Coronavirus upon arrival, more airlines have expressed interest in restarting their services to and from Iceland. Already, seven airlines have announced their flight schedule for June and July.