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Isavia and Landspítali University Hospital join forces

Isavia and Landspítali University Hospital join forces

As everyone knows, the workload on the Landspítali Hospital staff has been enormous during the past few weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic gained a foothold in Iceland. The Hospital recently contacted Isavia requesting assistance with security and other aspects that require the special knowledge that many of our employees have. Our people responded positively to this request of course as it is clear that many of our employees who have received the appropriate training can undertake these tasks while there is little to do in connection with Keflavík Airport. Many of the employees of the Landspítali, moreover, are tired after long and difficult shifts in the hospital and, as a result, this collaboration and additional staff was welcomed with open arms into the hospital according to its management.

At present, nine employees from the Airport Aviation Security Department of Isavia at Keflavík Airport have begun working at the Landspítali. They are now employed in maintaining security both in the hospital’s premises in Fossvogur and Hringbraut, having received training from hospital staff. The agreement means that employees will retain their employment terms at Isavia and work according to arrangements that have been agreed between the Landspítali and Isavia. All the employees of Isavia who were contacted for this project say that they are very positive about it as well as being pleased to be able to help the hospital in these difficult times. Another aspect being examined is to recruit Isavia employees to fill positions in the hospital’s warehouse at Tunguháls although no final decision has been made in this regard.

We are extremely pleased to be able to help the healthcare system in these times of pressure and uncertainty. We are also very proud that the assistance of our employees at Isavia was requested for such important tasks and see it as confirmation of the good work carried out by our employees in past years.