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Isavia CEO endorses UN Statement on Renewed Global Cooperation

Isavia CEO endorses UN Statement on Renewed Global Cooperation

Isavia Chief Executive Officer, Sveinbjorn Indridason, recently signed onto a powerful statement on Renewed Global Cooperation together with more than 1,000 CEOs from companies in over 100 countries. Isavia is among some of the world’s largest brands along with hundreds of other large, small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

The Statement of support – including the full list of CEO supporters – was presented to UN Secretary-General António Guterres by Sanda Ojiambo, the CEO & Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, at the opening of the Private Sector Forum on the sidelines of the High-level meeting of the General Assembly to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

“The Statement is a resounding endorsement of inclusive multilateralism. In no uncertain terms, it says that cooperation must cross borders, sectors and generations for us to adapt to changing circumstances,” said Sanda Ojiambo.“ We deeply appreciate the commitment to global cooperation at a pivotal time for the UN and the world at large.”

Sveinbjörn Indriðason, Isavia CEO, said that with the statement, world business leaders recognize   that peace, justice and strong institutions are beneficial to the long-term viability of the companies and organizations that they lead. "We are in this together, regardless of where we live or originate from. Difficult times call for general support of this very important UN effort to promote equity and sustainability. These elements are foundational for upholding the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals." says Sveinbjörn.

The statement endorsed by Isavia‘s CEO and other principal business leaders around the world also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 16 for peace and justice. Isavia aligns with the ten principles of the United Nations on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and works actively on the SDGs.