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Isavia supports vocational rehabilitation in Suðurnes

Isavia supports vocational rehabilitation in Suðurnes

In recent weeks a diverse group of Isavia specialists have visited the Suðurnes Centre for Lifelong Learning and Cooperative Vocational Rehabilitation. The purpose of these visits is to provide an insight into the diverse work being done at Keflavík Airport and in its development. Emphasis is placed on having active dialogue and empowering individuals for employment.

This spring, Isavia employees visited MSS and Cooperation Vocational Rehabilitation. There was a presentation for about thirty people to give them an insight into the work at the airport and in its development. Isavia and Mace's experts reviewed their careers and discussed the decisions that led them to work for Isavia. It was useful to compare different career paths and how different decisions can lead parties into the same workplace.

At the end of the session there was opportunity to ask questions and get advice from Isavia's experts on jobs, opportunities and careers.

Isavia's sustainability policy emphasises systematic work with the local community, e.g. through the exchange of knowledge and experience. The visit is a part of what Isavia proposes in its operations to increase social value, e.g. through collaboration with institutions in the local community, promotion of jobs and Isavia as a workplace and the dissemination of knowledge generated within the company.