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Jómfrúin opens at Keflavík Airport

Jómfrúin opens at Keflavík Airport

SSP Norway, part of the global company SSP Group had the winning bid in a commercial tender for the operation of two restaurants that will be opened at Keflavík Airport in February next year. SSP will run a restaurant in collaboration with the Icelandic company Jómfrúin. SSP will also start operations of a bistro named Elda where the internationally renowned, Reykjavik based master chef Snorri Victor Gylfason, will be in charge of menu development and recipes.

These two new catering spaces will be on the second floor of the northern building of the airport. Elda will be a modern and cozy place offering fast service, hot and cold dishes and is suitable for a diverse group of passengers at all times of the year. Jómfrúin will be a relaxed restaurant that offers a varied menu with a mix of Icelandic and Scandinavian cuisine. Customers of both restaurants will be able to order directly to the table using QR code, in order to avoid queues.

"We are honored and proud to be Isavia´s partner of choice for the two new restaurant concepts in Keflavik Airport. Together with our local partners Jakob Einar Jakobson and his team, and Islandic master chef Snorri Victor Gylfason we are looking forward to opening the restaurants Jómfrúin and Elda in the north terminal early next year," says SSP’s Managing Director Bente Brevik.

"We at Jómfrúin are quite happy with this collaboration with SSP, who have great experience in operations at international airports, in the Nordic countries and elsewhere. Our goal is to capture the same atmosphere that has prevailed at Jómfrúin in Lækjagata in Reykjavík for decades and looking forward to participating in the future development of Keflavík Airport," says Jakob Einar Jakobsson, owner of Jómfrúin.

A total of 32 parties downloaded the tender documents when access to them was opened this spring. Six of those submitted a declaration of eligibility and participation and three met the qualification requirements of the tender and were invited to submit bids and participate in the negotiation process. The bids are evaluated taking into account technical and financial implementations.

The evaluation process involved evaluating the quality of offers, looking at, among other things, the catering offer and the freshness of the meals that will be available. Pricing, customer service, as well as the design and appearance of the locations and sustainability were considered.

"We are welcoming a very broad group of passengers who have different needs and want the restaurant selection to reflect that and also enhance and Icelandic experience. As a result, we welcome the addition of such a well-established Icelandic restaurant as Jómfrúin is to the diverse flora at Keflavík Airport, while at the same time welcoming the experienced players at SSP. The terminal should be a place that people enjoy visiting and where everyone can find something to suit their needs," says Gunnhildur Erla Vilbergsdóttir, Head of Shops and Restaurants at Isavia.

About Isavia's commercial tender process

Isavia offers services at Keflavík Airport which is part of making the operating environment competitive. Isavia follows the laws and regulations on public procurement and upholds equality, transparency and efficiency. The tenders are based on regulation no. 950/2017 on concession agreements for works and services. All tenders are advertised in the European Economic Area.