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Jomfruin restaurant opens at KEF Airport

Jomfruin restaurant opens at KEF Airport

We are happy to announce that Jomfruin has opened at Keflavik Airport. Jomfruin is a well-known and established restaurant in the heart of Reykjavik for the past 25 years. The well-established restaurant is a great addition to the diverse restaurant flora at Keflavik Airport, and travelers can now get an authentic Danish smørrebrød before their flight.

At Jomfruin, guests can sit down in a comfortable place which resembles the original restaurant in Reykjavik and enjoy delicious dining options. Jomfruin offers guests a varied menu, a mix of Icelandic and Scandinavian cuisine. Their menu includes authentic Danis smørrebrød, a selection of beers, snaps, and more. For guests in a hurry, there is a selection of ready-made smørrebrød to grab on the way to their flight.

Jomfruin at Keflavik Airport is owned by SSP, a global company which specializes in operating restaurants at airport and operates over 2,500 locations around the world. Jomfruin at the airport will deliver the same high standards, culinary experience, and ambience which they have delivered for over 25 years.

"We at Jomfruin are quite happy with this collaboration with SSP, who have great experience in operations at international airports, in the Nordic countries and elsewhere. Our goal is to capture the same atmosphere that has prevailed at Jomfruin in Reykjavík for decades and looking forward to participating in the future development of Keflavík Airport," says Jakob Einar Jakobsson, owner of Jómfrúin.

Jomfruin restaurant has opened at the airport to the great delight of guests and is in the shopping and restaurant area of Keflavik Airport.