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Keflavik Airport receives international service award

Keflavik Airport receives international service award

The service quality at Keflavik Airport in 2019 was among the best in European airports that annually service between 5 to 15 million passengers. This is based on results of an international survey on airport service quality (ASQ) conducted by Airport Council International (ACI). ACI had planned to deliver the award at a ceremony during the annual ACI Customer Experience Global Summit in Kraków, Poland in September this year. The event, however, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The award has nevertheless arrived in Iceland and was recently accepted by Sveinbjörn Indriðason, the CEO of Isavia.

“I wish to congratulate all the staff at Keflavik Airport on achieving this spectacular recognition”, said Sveinbjörn on accepting the award. “We are extremely proud of having met or exceeded the expectations of passengers travelled through Keflavik Airport last year. This recognition is a result of the excellent collaboration between Keflavik Airport and all the operators who serviced the passengers on their way through the airport.”

“Our goal is to continue on the same path. We face challenges due to the effects of COVID-19 in Keflavik Airport, but I am certain that our excellent staff will continue to meet and exceed the passenger needs. Once the present situation improves, we will be back to our normal vibrancy at Keflavik Airport.”

Keflavik Airport has participated in the ACI ASQ survey since 2004 and has repeatedly been among the best airports in Europe that participate in the survey. In 2019 Keflavik Airport was one of eight airports who received the award with regards to overall satisfaction with the service at the airport. The airports in Alicante (Spain), Bergen (Norway), Izmir (Turkey), Sochi (Russia), Luqa (Malta), Newcastle (England) and Porto (Portugal) also received a recognition for service quality in the same category as Keflavik Airport.

The ACI ASQ survey is the most respected and significant grading carried out on the service quality at airports. In its implementation, passengers at airports throughout the world are asked standardised questions about 34 service aspects. The comparison, therefore, is co-ordinated and extensive, both between airports and years. The survey is conducted in 356 airports worldwide, 115 of which are in Europe.