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Lower price if you book your parking space online

Lower price if you book your parking space online

Isavia has introduced a booking system on the Keflavik Airport website whereby passengers can book parking spaces at the airport in advance. By using it, departing passengers can ensure a parking space at a lower price than paying at the gate. This new booking system also reduces the chance that the parking lots will fill up during peak hours at the airport.

On 1 March, a new price list for the parking gates will enter into effect. The price will rise from ISK 1,250 to ISK 1,750 per day when payment is made at the gate without booking a parking space in advance. The lowest price currently available when booked online is ISK 940. Prices depend on the demand at each time. Thus, a large proportion of passengers who book a parking space will pay a lower average price per day than before and will be ensured a parking space.

This system is used at airports all around the world, and Isavia has been working on its development and implementation for over a year, according to Hlynur Sigurðsson, Director of Business Development at Keflavik Airport. Such systems have been very successful at foreign airports, particularly regarding access control for the parking spaces. “We hope that Icelanders will utilise this new method, both to save money and to think ahead when embarking on their journey. The price that they are offered will depend on supply and demand, that is how many have already booked at the same time. It is obvious that in order to get the most advantageous price for the parking space in peak periods such as Easter, summer and Christmas, it is best to book well in advance.”

Isavia’s passenger forecast for Keflavik Airport, introduced last November, predicts a considerable increase in Icelandic passengers passing through the airport, which is consistent with the development over the last few years. The airport’s 2,400 long-term parking spaces have occasionally filled up during peak hours. With this initiative, Isavia encourages its customers to book a parking space at the same time as they book their flight, thus ensuring a better price and a guaranteed parking space.