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New elegant eyewear store opens at Keflavik Airport

New elegant eyewear store opens at Keflavik Airport

The elegant eyewear store Eyesland has been opened at Keflavík Airport. The store sells many of the most desirable brands of glasses and sunglasses available today, as well as other newer and less well-known brands that do not compromise on quality. Of course, you will be able to buy products such as contact lenses, as well as high-quality eye drops, which can come in handy when traveling. The store's focus is on service and the staff will do their best to help passengers choose glasses, lenses or anything else they need.

"Eyesland has always focused on excellent service and we will continue that in our new store at Keflavík Airport. We will have an optical measurement device on the field that is new to the market and has artificial intelligence that offers fast and accurate optical measurements. So passengers can get eye measurements on the spot in no time. In addition, we offer world-renowned brands such as Ray Ban, Valentino, Balmain, Max Mara, Dita Lancier and Oakley, for example. We look forward to welcoming passengers with quality products at a good price," says Sigrún Andersen, Eyesland's manager.

The store is considered particularly successful, but it is the drawing studio Gláma Kím that has the credit for its design. The store is located next to the exit from the Duty Free store and therefore ideal for trying on some nice sunglasses or grab a pair of reading glasses on your way to a flight.