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New ELKO store opens in the arrival hal

New ELKO store opens in the arrival hal

The electronics chain ELKO has opened a new store in the arrival hall of Keflavík Airport. The store offers better access and more variety of product range. The store is located in the airport's new baggage hall, at the exit from the Duty Free store.

"We look forward to welcoming tourists to the new and larger area in the arrival hall of Keflavík Airport. Accessibility to the new store is much better than at the previous location, and the store itself is one of our most impressive," says Óttar Örn Sigurbergsson, ELKO's managing director.

"The new store has a brand-new look but a similar design to our stores in Skeifan and Akureyri. Customers have been asking for an increased product range for a long time, and now we can finally answer the call with more space, better access, and more products. Therefore, it allows us to improve our customer service further."

For years, ELKO has operated stores at the airport, one in the airport's departure hall and one in the arrival hall, inside the Duty Free. The airport's new baggage hall, where the store is located, is the first part of the new east wing of the terminal to open and aims to improve passenger facilities and their experience.

"We have had a successful partnership with ELKO for a number of years, both in the terminal's departure hall and in the Duty Free, and it is, therefore, a pleasure to be able to further improve the passenger experience with a new store and an increased range of products. Keflavík Airport is in constant development, and all development is aimed at improving the passenger experience with services that are suitable for different groups of passengers," says Gunnhildur Erla Vilbergsdóttir, department head of shopping and catering at Keflavík Airport.