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New release of Orion Driving Simulator for Keflavik Airport

New release of Orion Driving Simulator for Keflavik Airport

Tern Systems recently deployed a new version of the Orion Driving Simulator to Isavia, the operator of Keflavik Airport. The latest release adds a Supervisor mode, new driving lanes that are currently under construction at the airport and a range of graphical improvements.

A highly-accurate simulation of the airport environment allows Keflavik Airport staff to familiarise and practice driving new road layouts safely and effectively. The newly-added driving lanes include high-speed roads for Keflavik airport's fire department.

As Covid-19 recovery efforts continue, passenger numbers at Keflavik Airport are again increasing and Airport Operations Managers are onboarding new employees. New staff are trained so that they may safely work on the aprons in various roles supporting essential airport operations such as Baggage Handling, Airport Security, Passenger Transport and Emergency Responders. Isavia's training department at Keflavik Airport uses the Orion Driving Simulator as a part of the training program for new employees at the airport.

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