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New restaurants to open at Keflavík International Airport

New restaurants to open at Keflavík International Airport

Diversity and joy will be at the forefront at Keflavík International Airport later this year when three new restaurants will open. Isavia’s latest invitation to tender has been concluded, and the good news is that Loksins lives on! – but now as Loksins Café and Bar – in a new and bigger location. The product range will be more varied than before, and the place will be more enclosed, which ensures better acoustics. The Bakað restaurant will be in two locations at the airport. It will offer fresh bread and pizzas – both baked on site – with Ágúst Einþórsson, the founder of BakaBaka, at the helm. A selection of healthy juices, salads and quality coffee drinks from Te og kaffi will be available. Every detail has been thought out, with HAF studio handling the design of the restaurants, and the music will be customised specifically for them for the best atmosphere possible.

A total of six parties downloaded the tender documents when access to them was opened on July 11th 2022. Five parties submitted a statement of eligibility and participation, and all of them met the qualification requirements of the tender and were invited to submit tenders and participate in the negotiation process. Getting five parties into the process who were assessed as qualified is particularly pleasing and shows that operations at the terminal are in demand. In the end, two parties submitted tenders, and it was  Lagardère who ultimately came out on top.  

“We are extremely pleased to have Iceland’s leading bakers and the strong Icelandic brands suchc as Te og Kaffi enter the airport in collaboration with Lagardère, who are experts in complex catering operations at airports. Keflavík International Airport is in constant development, and as the number of passengers increases, the needs become more diverse. As previously announced, Jómfrúin and Elda will open in the spring, and with Loksins Café and Bar and Bakað, we believe that we are successful in meeting the different needs of passengers and making Iceland stand out,” says Gunnhildur Erla Vilbergsdóttir, Commercial Manager at Keflavik Airport.

“We are very much looking forward to starting operations at the terminal. We will bake everything on site and plan to offer a variety of fresh food in a short time. We will offer amazing coffee and general joy,” says Ágúst Einþórsson, baker at BakaBaka.

On Isavia’s invitation to tender process 
Isavia holds an invitation to tender for services at Keflavík International Airport, and this is part of making the operating environment competitive. Isavia follows the laws and regulations on public procurement and upholds equality, transparency and efficiency. The invitations to tender are based on Regulation no. 950/2017 on concession agreements for projects and services. All invitations to tender are advertised in the European Economic Area.