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  • The new price list for the outer coach parking applies from 5 November until the dispute between Isavia and the Competition Authority concerning the criteria and arrangement for the fee collection for the parking spaces has been settled.
  • The adjustment fee for coach parking is to apply from 1 March to 1 November.
  • The decision on a possible refund for fee collection from 1 March to 17 July 2018 will be made when the case under consideration by the Competition Authority has been settled.

A new price list for outer coach parking at Keflavík Airport came into effect on 5 November. The new pricing is intended to protect competitive interests and ensure equality among modes of transport that use Isavia infrastructure in connection with the transport of passengers to and from the airport, specifically the services of coaches at Keflavík Airport. The Competition Authority and the Competition Appeals Committee are of the opinion that Isavia is obliged to collect a fee for services provided and that it would disrupt competition to refrain from collecting a fee for the parking spaces. At present, no fee is collected for the outer parking spaces, according to the provisional decision of the Competition Authority from last July, although a fee is collected from coaches using the parking spaces closest to the terminal.

Isavia is of the opinion that it is unavoidable to obtain a ruling on the manner in which to arrange the cost and fee base for charges at the airport, since the case between Isavia and the Competition Authority concerns, among other things, the funding of the development of the infrastructure of the airport, services to passengers and the competitive position of Keflavík Airport with respect to other international airports.

The new price list assumes that as of 5 November, the price for a coach seating up to 19 passengers will be ISK 3,200 for each time that passengers are collected from the terminal. Coaches seating 20–45 passengers are to pay ISK 7,400, and coaches seating 46 passengers or more are to pay ISK 9,900.

Isavia began collecting fees for outer coach parking spaces on 1 March 2018. Operators were notified that an adjustment fee would be collected during the first few months. The fee collection was appealed to the Competition Authority and the case is under review by the Authority. In July, the collection of the fee was halted in the wake of the provisional decision of the Competition Authority.

Isavia has now decided that the adjustment fee shall apply as of the beginning of the fee collection on 1 March to 4 November. The temporary fee, which will come into effect on 5 November, will be revised for the future once a final ruling has been made in the case between Isavia and the Competition Authority as regards the arrangements and criteria for charging fees for parking spaces and services provided, either by the authorities or a court of law. In conjunction with the above, a decision will be reached as to whether or not the fees collected from 1 March to 17 July 2018, when the provisional decision of the Competition Authority was made, will be refunded.

“It is clear that the case is not closed, but we are happy with the conclusion of the Competition Appeals Committee that a fee should be collected for the use of the outer coach parking spaces even if the amount of the fee is still disputed.  As has been stated previously, it is the stated goal of Isavia to ensure equality among those who provide services and sell goods in and near Keflavík Airport,” says Hlynur Sigurðsson, Director of Business at Isavia. “We hope that this changed and temporary fee will be to the satisfaction of all parties involved as regards the operation of coach parking spaces near Keflavík Airport while the case is being processed.”