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Passengers advised to arrive early for check-in

Passengers advised to arrive early for check-in

For the last few days long waiting-lines have been forming at airline check-in counters at Keflavik Airport. This is due to Covid-19 restrictions at borders in destination countries that necessitate airline check-in staff confirm PCR tests and Covid vaccination certification from every passenger.

We at Keflavik Airport, along with Icelandair and other airlines flying to and from the airport, would encourage passengers to arrive for check-in early to avoid waiting-lines and possible increased waiting time. For morning flights the security screening is opened at 04:10 so you can arrive for check-in between around 3 hours before your departure time.

Icelandair has opened a new webpage containing the latest travel and health requirements for destinations around the world to help passengers prepare for their journey.

We at Keflavik Airport, in co-operation with the airlines and service providers at the airport, want to ensure a pleasant journey for all passengers and would therefore advise them to arrive early for check-in to avoid long waiting-lines.