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Record traffic - summer 2012

Record traffic at Keflavik International Airport in summer of 2012 continues during fall and winter

Last summer was a record breaker in passenger numbers at Keflavik International with one million passengers going through the airport – 9 percent increase from previous year during the busiest months of June, July and August. The trend continues with 19 percent increase in September and a predicted 19.8 percent increase till year’s end with a total traffic of 2.4 million passengers in 2012.
Airline operators aim at considerable increase in the winter schedule and next summer. Keflavik‘s largest customer Icelandair has announced a 15 percent increase in 2013 over 2012. The company’s predicted rise in passengers is relatively higher in the winter season, which includes six new destinations, and fits well with Keflavik‘s plan for better off season utilization.
Iceland Express has announced 30 percent higher capacity in 2012 with plans to resume flights to the US, but fewer destinations with more frequency in Europe.
New operator, Wow Air, plans to double the capacity with added destinations and frequency, but the airline operates on two regular and several periodic routes during the winter season.
Norwegian Air and easyJet both plan winter operations in Iceland. EasyJet aims to increase flights in winter season and to add more destinations in summer 2013. SAS continues established year round service to Oslo.
Keflavik International Airport operator, Isavia, has met the traffic hike by various means to increase efficiency at the Leif Ericsson‘s air terminal. This includes upgrade of passenger service and waiting areas, improved land-side terminal access and automatic check-in for increased customer comfort and smooth flow through the terminal. The effort continues to maximize efficiency of airport facilities including new pre-boarding lounges under development and relocating various support functions to increase the transfer and departure areas.