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Six airlines announce their intentions for this summer

Six airlines announce their intentions for this summer

Icelandic authorities have announced their decision to begin screening for COVID-19 at Keflavík Airport. This means that on arrival to Iceland, travellers may choose between undergoing a sampling process, submitting a certificate or entering into a two-week quarantine.

Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, Chief Commercial and Airport Development Officer at Isavia, says that air operators indicated their interest in flying to and from Keflavík Airport once the announcement of screening was issued. “We have become clearly aware of their interest to fly to Iceland after the announcement was issued,” said Guðmundur Daði.

Six airlines have announced their plans for flights to Keflavík Airport this summer.

  • Atlantic Airways plan to fly three times a week to and from the Faroe Islands.
  • Czech Airlines has announced its intention to fly from Keflavík to Prague in the Czech Republic twice a week as of 17 June. The frequency may increase to between four to six times a week in July depending on demand.

  • Icelandair has advertised flights to Copenhagen this summer. The airline will be offering daily flights as of 15 June. Icelandair has also announced flights to and from Amsterdam four times a week from 16 June.
  • SAS plans to start flights to and from Copenhagen four times a week from 15 June.
  • Transavia has announced it plans to fly three times a week from Keflavik Airport to Amsterdam from 19 June.
  • Wizz air has decided to begin flights to Keflavík from Milan in Italy three times a week as of 3 July.

In addition, there are schedules Wizz air flight at the beginning of June to Budapest, London Luton and Vienna. It is not clear if these flights will continue.

Four airlines have announced that they will not be flying to Iceland this summer. These are the US airlines American Airlines, Delta and United and the Canadian airline Air Canada.

Guðmundur Daði says that Isavia is in close contact with airlines, including those who have previously flown to Iceland. The operators are well informed of the situation in Iceland and the manner in which matters are developing. In addition, Isavia receives regular information on the circumstances of the airlines. It is hoped that the success achieved in Iceland in the fight against the COVID-19 virus will have a positive impact on more aircraft operators so that we will see the addition of more destinations in the near future.