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Winner announced in design contest for new Keflavik International Airport Master Plan

Winner announced in design contest for new Keflavik International Airport Master Plan

The Nordic - Office of Architecture of Oslo, Norway, has won a concept design contest for a new 2015-2040 Master Plan for Keflavik International Airport, which is Iceland’s gateway serving most international traffic to the capital city of Reykjavik. The six proposals received from international design bureaus will be on public display at the office of Keflavik‘s operator, Isavia, in the Keflavik Air Terminal until 20 March. 
The winning design features excellent sustainability, land use and environmental plan plus a well-defined operations plan during development of facilities as well as consultation with stakeholders and neighbours. The design proposes a northward extension of the current terminal facility and a future north-south parallel runway.
Winner experienced in airport development
Nordic - Office of Architecture has delivered numerous large scale airport development projects including expansion of the airports at Oslo, Bergen and Zuzhny í Russia. The Project manager for Keflavik is a native of Iceland with intimate knowledge of subject. COWI Consultants of Denmark will provide project support.
Nordic will continue work on refining the design concept in cooperation with Isavia and stakeholders. The completion date for the 2015-2040 Keflavik International Airport Master Plan is set for 25th September 2015.
“The conclusion was unanimous in the selection committee, and so was the presumption of the stakeholders.  Nordic´s design concept is well defined and meets with all requirements. It presents a comprehensive environmental plan and a multi-stage cooperation with stakeholders. It also identifies new operational earning opportunities at every stage of development and increased capacity”,  said Ms. Elin Arnadottir, Deputy Managing Director of Isavia. 
Other companies that submitted concept designs:
INECO Ingenierta Y Economia del Transporte SA
Ramboll A/S
Naco Netherlands Airport Consultants
EC Harris LLP
Mott MacDonald LTD