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Groundwater studies were recently carried out at Keflavik Airport. After analysis of the samples collected, a groundwater monitoring programme will be designed in co-operation with the Suðurnes Public Health Authority.

There are three sediment basins at Keflavik Airport, whose main purpose is to capture water, delay its flow and filter it, thereby protecting the water quality nearby.

For the past few years, Isavia has improved wastewater drainage at its international airports, which are usually connected to the municipal drainage system. In 2016, work was done to improve wastewater drainage from Keflavik Airport’s west side, which drains into the sea. In the Municipality of Sandgerði, a pumping and filtering station and a new and longer outlet into sea have been constructed. Wastewater pipes from the airport’s east side connect a filtering station in the nearby town of Reykjanesbær.