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The year in brief

Isavia´s safety week 

Great participation was at Isavia's safety week, which was held from October 14 to 18. This is the second time a special safety week has been held where various events are being held to promote knowledge and awareness regarding safety issues. This time, lectures and training sessions on safety were offered. Isavia staff were invited to visit airport services and at the Keflavik airport tower. There was also education on how the suitcase travels through the airport and special FOD flights at Keflavík Airport and the airports in Reykjavik and Akureyri.

Isavia participates in collaboration on land use near Keflavik Airport

Elín Árnadóttir, Deputy CEO of Isavia, signed a letter of intent on cooperation on planning, development, utilization and marketing of land in the vicinity of Keflavik Airport. In addition to Isavia, Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and representatives of Reykjanesbær and Suðurnesjabær signed the declaration. The statement from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs states that the letter of intent is signed in the light of growth in tourism and aviation activities, together with a major development at Keflavik Airport, which has transformed the status of business, labor market and community in the surrounding area.


At the 29th Annual Meeting of ACI EUROPE, the European Division of the Airport Council International, Sveinbjörn Indriðason, CEO of Isavia, signed a commitment that Keflavik Airport will cease all carbon emissions in its direct operations by 2050. This statement was issued at the same time ACI EUROPE formally announced the NetZero 2050 commitment of airport operators. This means that the airports will stop carbon emissions in their operations by 2050 at the latest.


New stop lights, or so-called stop-bars, where introduced at Keflavik Airport in the fall of 2019. The inauguration took place during Reykjanesbær Lights Night, the towns cultural and family festival. The festival was celebrated for the twentieth time this year. Isavia is one of the backers of the festival and has been for the past few years.

OPTICAL STUDIO and MATHÚS winners of service awards

In recent years, Isavia has rewarded operators at Keflavik International Airport for outstanding services. Shops and restaurants are rewarded for excelling in the service of passengers traveling through the airport. Among other things, consideration is given to how salespeople approach customers and whether both products and price information are accessible. This time, the retail service award was awarded to Optical Studio optical store. The restaurant service award was awarded to Mathús, run by Lagardére. The conclusion, as before, is based on market research and surveys conducted at Keflavík Airport.

Isavia CSR report wins Report of the year

Festa - Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Commerce of Iceland awarded Isavia an award for the CSR Report of the year. A total of 29 nominations were received for 16 companies. The purpose of the recognition was to encourage companies to set measurable goals and regularly publish, in a high-quality manner, information on how corporate social responsibility and sustainability in business operations deliver them and the community increased benefits. We at Isavia thank you very much for the honour we were shown with the awards for this year's CSR Report. A number of Isavia employees made a great effort to report clearly and easily accessible what Isavia stands for in our community.


Isavia has entered into a long-term agreement with the UK construction and consultancy firm Mace for programme management and supervision for the planned enlargement of Keflavík Airport. Sveinbjörn Indriðason, Isavia’s CEO, and Jason Millet, Chief Operating Officer for Mace, signed an agreement to such effect in Keflavík International Airport in the presence of, among others, Michael Nevin, the British Ambassador to Iceland. Mace has extensive experience of major airport projects around the world, including at Heathrow Airport in London, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and the airports in Dublin, Manchester, Doha, Mumbai and Sydney.


The Board of Directors of Isavia has agreed to make changes to the company's organisational structure. The changes are intended to separate different operating units in the company and are expected to take formal effect on the 1st of January 2020. The changes mean that the Airports Operations Division, which operates domestic airports, and the Navigation Services Division, responsible for navigation services, will be transferred to subsidiaries while the operation of Keflavík Airport will remain with the parent company Isavia.

Isavia staff collect over 3,6 million for charity

51 members of Isavia staff took part in the Reykjavík Marathon and collected over ISK 3,6 million for charity. Isavia pledged to add an extra 50% to the amount collected by the employees who took part in the marathon


At the end of 2018, Isavia signed a service agreement with LFV, Air Navigations Services of Sweden, for access to new software and solutions for Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). The agreement involves collaboration between service providers in Iceland, Sweden and Denmark for a common solution called L-CAPS, LFV-Comprehensive AIM Production Service, that will increase economy and efficiency.

Isavia´s website wins two awards

Isavia's website won two awards at the Association of Web Industry (SVEF) on Friday, February 22. was voted best website in the category of large companies 2018 and was also recognized by Blindrafélagið and Siteimprove as the most accessible web site. The site has unified all information, about Isavia airports and air navigation, in one place. Passengers can find information on flights and other things related to travel preparation, both domestically and abroad.

Keflavik airport wins award for customer experience

Keflavik Airport is in fourth place for delivering the best customer experience out of 36 European Airports in the size category 5-15 million passengers. This is the result of the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Survey conducted by ACI (Airports Council International) for the year 2018 and announced in 2019  Keflavik Airport has consistently been among the best European airports in this survey ever since it first took part in it in 2004. Keflavik Airport got a score of 4,2 on a scale from 1 to 5. 

23 grants from isavia´s community fund

Isavia assigned 23 grants from its Community Fund for a diverse range of projects over the year. The aim of the Fund is to support projects with a broad social dimension and a positive impact on Icelandic society. The selection of beneficiaries focused on environmental issues, humanitarian issues, preventative measures, aviation matters, arts, culture and education.

ISAVIA sponsor lights night in reykjanesbær

Sveinbjörn Indriðason, CEO of Isavia, and Kjartan Már Kjartansson, mayor of Reykjanesbær, have signed a partnership agreement between Isavia and Reykjanesbær for Lights Night. This is an annual festival in Reykjanesbær. Concerts, shows and a variety of gatherings are offered during the festival. Isavia's contributions are part of supporting ambitious work in various areas of society so that it can thrive and enjoy itself.

isavia receives equal pay certification

Isavia's Equal Pay Certification was completed in 2019. The audit was confirmed by the Gender Equality Agency in the future and therefore completed the Implementation of Procedures in accordance with the Equal Pay Standard. It was BSI in Iceland, an accredited certification body, that confirmed that Isavia fulfilled all the requirements for equal pay certification.
For years, Isavia has placed great emphasis on the balance of gender pay, and this emphasis has yielded these good results. The company has previously received PWC's gold mark for equal pay.

Isavia carbon offsets fuel use in collaboration with Kolviður fund and Votlendissjoður fund.

Sveinbjörn Indriðason, CEO of Isavia, Reynir Kristinsson, Chairman of the Board of Kolviður Fund, and Eyþór Eðvarðsson, Chairman of the Board of Votlendissjóður Fund, signed agreements on carbon offsetting of all Isavia fuel use. The contract is valid for the next three years. Fuel consumption weighs most in Isavia's carbon footprint. Most of this use can be attributed to service and maintenance of runways and airports, and this service is largely weather dependent.

Tolli´s art exhibition at Vestmannaeyjar terminal

The door was filled out when an exhibition of new oil paintings by Tolli was opened at Vestmannaeyjar Airport on 4th of July. The exhibition is a collaboration between Isavia and Tolli. In recent months, Tolli has travelled the country and put up exhibitions of his work at airports around the country. The first exhibition was held at the Egilsstadir terminal last September, but then it was exhibited at the Akureyri and Ísafjörður airports.

inaugural flight of JET2.COM and JET2CITYBREAKS to Iceland

The first group of British airline travelers and the travel agency Jet2CityBreaks arrived at Keflavik Airport from Glasgow, Scotland. This was the companies' first planned trip to Iceland, where customers took the unique opportunity to see the amazing Northern Lights in a four night trip.

response drills at gjögur airport, grímsey airport  and hornafjörður airport

Response drills were held at tha Gjögur, Grímsey and Hornafjörður airport in 2019.  Isavia and its partners have held about 50 response drills in total since 2000.

New ceo of isavia

Isavia's Board of Directors appointed Sveinbjörn Indriðason to the position of CEO of Isavia and formally assumed the position on 13 June 2019. Mr. Indriðason was previously Managing Director of the Finance Division of Isavia.

ISAVIA reaches agreement with ELKO for facilities under ELECTRONIC STORES AT KEFLAVÍKUR AIRPORT

Sveinbjörn Indriðason, CEO of Isavia, and Gestur Hjaltason, Managing Director of Elko, signed a contract for facilities under two Elko electronics stores at Leif Eiríksson Air Terminal at Keflavík Airport. The contract is for a three-year contract with the option of a two-year extension, one year at a time.