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Applications for companies, organisations and individuals

Before an individual is granted an access authorisation, the company/organisation must be registered with Isavia’s ID-Office, located at KEF airport. The registration specifies the company’s line of work and its contact persons. The company appoints its own ID Card Manager, who will be authorised to sign and submit applications for individuals.

The application forms and instructions can be found here below.


Application form for individual access permit

Application for background check

Application form for vehicle access permit


Individuals and vehicles can be granted temporary access permits for shorter stays within the area. 

Applications for temporary permits
Temporary permit for vehicles
Temporary permit for individuals
Application for group temporary access permit *

* Open the file, insert the appropriate information and save. The group application should be sent to either or

Frequently asked questions

Application is available on Isavia website. The right to apply for it have only designated access card managers.

You can pick up your access card from the ID office that is located at the Golden Gate at KEF airport.

Soon it will be possible to fetch your access card from a keybox located at the same place as the ID office. However, it will only be possible through booking an appointment beforehand.

All companies that require access authorization must log into Isavia's database. Please view the registration form.

  • For individuals ISK 6.900 + VAT.
  • For vehicles ISK 6.900 + VAT.

Once we receive a positive answer from the Police regarding your background check, we will send you a confirmation email with online courses that need to be completed before the access card can be issued.

Here you can find instructions on how to log in.

No. Designated access card managers can submit an application for a new access card for a new company that you will be working for.

In this case, a designated access card manager has to apply for a new access card online. Please make sure to check the option "Lost ,damaged access card" and describe the reason for the problem under the comment section.