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We recommend that passengers study the security rules and regulations before their journey.


Once you have checked in, the next step is to go through the automatic gate by scanning your boarding pass. You then go through the security screening. For a faster and smoother screening experience, please make sure beforehand that there are no prohibited items in your hand baggage. Please keep the following in mind when going through security screening:

Liquid 100ml per unit

Remove laptop and electronics from hand luggage

Empty pockets and withdraw belt

  • liquids can only be brought in containers that are less than 100 ml, and the total amount of liquids must not exceed 1 litre.
  • all liquids, of 100 ml or less, must be placed in transparent zipper bag.
  • take the zipper bag from your hand baggage and place them in a tray.
  • remove any laptops and other large electronic devices from your hand baggage and place them in a tray that has no other items such as clothing in it.
  • take off your coat and jacket, remove your belt, empty your pockets and place these in a tray.
  • you may be requested to remove your shoes for screening.

Security screening at Keflavík Airport

Passengers may buy any liquids or other goods in the departure lounge. In the case of direct flights, liquids purchased in the departure lounge may be carried in cabin baggage. If you’re taking a connecting flight, the liquid and receipt are placed in a sealed bag, which must not be opened until arrival at the final destination. If your luggage has not been checked in for the entire journey, it is best to pack the liquid in your checked-in luggage for the next flight.

Please note that before you arrive at security screening there is an area where you can dispose of liquids and other forbidden items.

 Area before security screening

If any prohibited items or other items that the passenger is not permitted to carry are found in hand baggage, the passenger is given the option to check in the items as hold (checked-in) luggage, provided that the items are permitted in hold luggage.
Keflavik Airport does not have storage facilities for prohibited items.