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Car Park Terms & Conditions

  1. You are entering the KEF Parking car park at Keflavík Airport, operated by Isavia ohf., and thereby agree to 
    the following terms. 
  2. Fees apply at KEF Parking unless specifically indicated otherwise. The fee depends on the current tariff at any 
    given time. 
  3. At KEF Parking, automatic cameras read license plate numbers upon arrival and departure. 
  4. Payment is made either through pre-booking or upon departure, through an app, our website, service desk or designated self-service kiosks located in and around the terminal. 
  5. If the fee is not paid within 48 hours after departure, an electronic invoice will be sent with an additional service charge, isk. 1,409. Unpaid invoices will be sent to collections.
  6. The owner and registered custodian of the vehicle are responsible for following the instructions, markings and the rules and regulations at KEF Parking. If the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, the employer is also liable 
    according to these terms. 
  7. If a party is found to have misused the facilities, it will result in a non-payment fee of 50,000 ISK in addition to the fees collected according to the current tariff for actual usage. The owner and registered custodian of the vehicle are liable for this payment according to this clause. 
  8. If a party is found to repeatedly misuse the facilities, KEF Parking reserves the right to deny the party access to the KEF Parking facilities. 
  9. Vehicles at KEF Parking are the sole responsibility of the owner/registered custodian of the vehicle in question. KEF Parking, for instance, is not responsible for damage that may occur to vehicles, their accessories, or other items in or on them, i.a. due to accidents, vandalism or theft that may occur during storage. 
  10. Vehicles may be parked in a designated parking spaces or in accordance with given instructions, markings and/or 
    general traffic rules. Violations of the position may result in fines, non-payment of fees and / or removal of the car at the expense of the operator. 
  11. All thefts are reported to the police. 
  12. Surveillance cameras installed in the KEF Parking areas.  
  13. Data provided by you is treated in accordance with the applicable statutory rules on data protection. 
  14. The data received will only be used for the purpose of order and payment processing by Isavia, KMP Digitata, Autopay and Stefna ehf. and will not be disclosed to other parties, unless when required by law or to the vehicle’s owner/operator in case of non-payment. 
  15. Isavia does not store personal data in such a manner that it will be possible to identify you for longer periods than necessary for the purposes in respect of which the data is lawfully processed. 
  16. You can request access to data collected about you by submitting this form here You are also entitled to have us delete the personal data we have collected. You are entitled to object to the registration of data and lodge a complaint with The Icelandic Data Protection Authority at
  17. Please read Isavia’s Data Protection Policy. Please direct any questions about the collection of personal data to Isavia
  18. KEF Parking is solely intended for private and commercial vehicles, registered for 8 or fewer passengers and weigh less than 3,500 kg in total registered weight, unless otherwise stated at the entrance or agreed upon before the vehicle enters the parking area. It is not permitted to enter the KEF Parking area with trailers. Violations will add a 20.000 ISK surcharge every 6 hours.