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Rates for short term parking


Short-term parking is suitable if you need to pick up a traveler or bring him on a flight. The first 15 minutes are free. The first hour costs ISK 500 and every hour after that costs ISK 750.

Short term parking spaces are located at P1 and P2. See a map of the area.

Book parking

The price for parking the first 7 days is ISK 1.750 for each day and ISK 1.350 for the next 7 days. After 14 days the day price is ISK 1.200 for each day parked. The price below is only for roll-up customers. You can get a better price by booking ahead of time.

TimeP1P2Total price
15 minFreeFreeFree
1 hourISK 500ISK 500ISK 500
2 hoursISK 750ISK 750ISK 1.250 
3 hoursISK 750ISK 750ISK 2.000 
4 hoursISK 750ISK 750ISK 2.750 
5 hoursISK 750ISK 750ISK 3.500 
6 hoursISK 750ISK 750ISK 4.250
7 hoursISK 750ISK 750ISK 5.000
25 hoursISK 5.000ISK 5.000ISK 5.000