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Passenger statistics

Isavia publishes monthly flight statistics on the web with basic statistics about passengers, aircraft movements, cargo and traffic in the Reykjavik Control Area. Annually, Isavia publishes a more detailed analysis, the Aviation Fact File.

Statistics about passengers include transfer passengers and are counted twice.

Passenger statistics 2020
January (xls) (pdf)
February (xls) (pdf)
March (xls) (pdf)
April (xls) (pdf)
May (xls) (pdf)
June (xls) (pdf)
July (xls) (pdf)
August (xls) (pdf)
Passenger statistics 2019
December (xls) (pdf)
November (xls) (pdf
October (xls) (pdf)
September (xls) (pdf)
August (xls) (pdf)
July (xls) (pdf)
June (xls) (pdf)
May (xls) (pdf)
April (xls) (pdf)
March (xls) (pdf)
February (xls) (pdf)
January (xls) (pdf)
Passenger statistics 2018  
December (xls) (pdf)
November (xls) (pdf)
October (xls) (pdf)
September (xls) (pdf)
August (xls) (pdf)
July (xls) (pdf)
June (xls) (pdf)
May 2018 (xls) (pdf)
April 2018 (xls) (pdf)
March 2018 (xls) (pdf) 
February 2018  (xls) (pdf)
January 2018  (xls) (pdf)
Passenger statistics 2017 
December 2017 (xls) (pdf)
November 2017 (xls) (pdf)
October 2017 (xls) (pdf)
September 2017 (xls) (pdf)
August 2017 (xls) (pdf)
July 2017 (xls) (pdf)
June 2017  (xls) (pdf) 
May 2017 (xls) (pdf)
April 2017 (xls) (pdf)

March 2017 (xls) (pdf)

February 2017 (xls) (pdf)

January 2017 (xls) (pdf)

Passenger statistics 2016 
December 2016 (xls) (pdf)
November 2016 (xls) (pdf)
October 2016 (xls) (pdf)

September 2016 (xls) (pdf)

August 2016 (xls) (pdf)
July 2016 (xls) (pdf)
June 2016 (xls) (pdf)
May 2016 (xls) (pdf)
April 2016 (xls) (pdf)
March 2016 (xls) (pdf)
February 2016 (xls) (pdf)
January 2016 (xls) (pdf)

Passenger statistics 2015
December 2015 (xls) (pdf)
November 2015 (xls) (pdf)
October 2015 (xls) (pdf)
September 2015 (xls) (pdf)
August 2015 (xls) (pdf)
July 2015 (xls) (pdf)
June 2015 (xls) (pdf)
May 2015 (xls) (pdf)
April 2015 (xls) (pdf)
March 2015 (xls) (pdf)
February 2015 (xls) (pdf)
January 2015 (xls) (pdf)

Passenger statistics 2014
December 2014 (xls) (pdf)
November 2014 (xls) (pdf)
October 2014 (xls) (pdf)
September 2014 (xls) (pdf)
August 2014 (xls) (pdf)
July 2014 (xls) (pdf)
June 2014 (xls) (pdf)
May 2014 (xls) (pdf)
April 2014 (xls) (pdf)
March 2014 (xls) (pdf)
February 2014 (xls) (pdf)
January 2014 (xls) (pdf)

Passenger statistics 2013
December 2013 (xls) (pdf)
November 2013 (xls) (pdf)
October 2013 (xls) (pdf)
September 2013 (xls) (pdf)
August 2013 (xls) (pdf)
July 2013 (xls) (pdf)
June 2013 (xls) (pdf)
May 2013 (xls) (pdf)
April 2013 (xls) (pdf)
March 2013 (xls) (pdf)
February 2013 (xls) (pdf)
January 2013 (xls) (pdf)